Digital Pyxi Website Security

We Clean, Monitor, & Protect Your Website For you

Digital Pyxi is your personal website protection team. We monitor, protect, and clean your website for you so you never have to worry about hacks, intrusion, malware, or any other security breach.

We believe that everyone should be able to sleep peacefully at nights and never have to worry about their website's security

How Digital Pyxi Helps You

Digital Pyxi, through our partnership with security giants, Sucuri, is a team of website security experts that manages all your website security concerns, maintenance, and monitoring.

Using a WAF, website monitoring, machine learning, and website scanning among other key security features we not only monitor and secure your website but also IP Whitelisting and integrated server-side protection

Our website protection suite offers multiple tools to give you comprehensive and effective website protection and monitoring that is both current and continuous.

Deep Scanning Tools & Reports For Comprehensive Website Protection

SEO spam scanner

Our SEO Spam Scanner and Blacklist monitoring tool help protect against negative SEO.

Server-side PHP scanner

Server-side scanning allows deep-scanning of your website's core files to give comprehensive security.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is used to detect trends and patterns in hackers and vulnerabilities to offer an effective and up-to-date security solution.

Alerts and email reports

Get monthly email reports that details the protection you're getting from Digital Pyxi's website security solution.

security support

Get immediate and effective solutions and answers to any questions you might have by reaching out to our support team using the link below

Security Services

Digital Pyxi is built with powerful tools that guard your website against hackers, malware, intruders, vulnerabilities, and other online threats.

Disaster Mitigation

The risk of breach of your website is never zero. All websites hosted with us have disaster mitigation and recovery plan in the event of a breach.

Website Security
Intrusion detection Rate
Response Rate
Hack Prevention Rate

Who Benefits From Our Website Security Services?

Digital Pyxi was founded to help website owners and developers, marketers, and anyone with an online presence get comprehensive and effective website protection without breaking the bank.

Important Website Security Statistics


62% of companies have experienced phishing & social engineering attacks


59% of companies have experienced malicious code and botnets


43% of cyber attacks target small businesses


64% of companies have experienced a web-based attack


51% of companies have suffered from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks

Website Protection Deep-Analytics

+ 0
Hacks Prevented
+ 0
Vulnerabilities Patched
+ 0
Websites Cleaned
+ 0
Disasters Avoided

Complete Website Security Services

Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Networks

Digital Pyxi's Content Delivery Network (CDN) is firewall-protected to give you speed and security in one quick and easy setup. You can expect an average of 70% speed increase when you use our CDN.
Learn More

Website Threat Detection

Website Threat Detection

Our Website Monitoring and Threat Detection system allows us to have updated and informed data about your website's security status and automatically notifies us about any potential threat to your website.
Learn More

Clean Hacked Site

Clean Hacked Site

Get help cleaning your hacked site and eliminating all threats and breaches immediately. Just fill out the signup form and we will get the process started.
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Website Backup & Recovery

Website Backup & Recovery

Secure and remote website backups in the cloud and in a safe and guarded remote location keep your website files and sensitive data protected from threats and breaches.
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Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall

Stop hackers, malware, and other threats from potentially damaging your website by filtering out bad traffic before it gets to your website and server with our Web Application Firewall.
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Have any questions? Contact Our Support Team Now

Contact Support

Contact one of our support agents and ask any questions you might have. Get a quick response and use one of the multiple contact options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to your questions and concerns by taking a look at our frequently asked questions .

We Support You

We work 24/7 to monitor and secure your websites so that you don’t have to! We are always available to offer support to you and resolve your concerns.

Digital Pyxi will be your personal support team while your websites are being protected by us. We will do all the heavy lifting for you and your customers.

Using Digital Pyxi it is easy to secure each and every one of your websites whether they are using a CMS or not. We only require a DNS change and web server credentials.

Digital Pyxi makes it easy to manage all your clients’ websites. You can add, remove, or replace websites with just an email or by reaching out to a Digital Pyxi agent.

Who Are We?

At Digital Pyxi we consider every possibility so you never have to worry about any possibility. Digital Pyxi is your only solution to website security and peace of mind for your online presence. At Digital Pyxi we prioritize the safety of your online presence and brand to the absolute extreme possible length.

To that end, we have partnered with Sucuri, a world-leading website security platform, with a team dedicated to 24/7 monitoring, detection, and response to offer you the most reliable and secure solution we can possibly muster so that you never have to worry about the safety of your online presence.

Website Security Features

Digital Pyxi offers a complete suite of website protection features that gives you a solution from start to finish for a secure and effective online presence.


Deep Website Cleaning

All our members get monthly website security reports that include a deep scan of core website and database files that detect any vulnerabilities.


Complete Website Protection

We protect and monitor your website for you and handle all updates, changes, and all necessary security measures.


Dedicated Website Security Team

At Digital Pyxi you get a Dedicated Website Security Team and Website Security Account Manager that are assigned to you and your website.


Website Development

Websites should be money-making assets that solve problems and generate revenues and growth in your business.


Online Marketing Solution

Our trusted partner takes a systematic approach to solving your online marketing problems using unique systems built for you.


A.I-powered Website Security

We use Machine Learning to power our website security and monitoring system to find trends and block attacks that are unorthodox. 

Check Your Website For Vulnerabilities

Get a free website scan to detect any minor security issues your website might have. Get frequent deep scans when you become a member.




+1 876 791 3027

Get frequent deep scans and check core website and database files when you signup and become a member

Enter Your Information For A Free Light Website Scan

A lightweight scan will only scan and reveal minor issues. For more in-depth & frequent scans signup and become a member.

Some Digital Pyxi Compatible Platforms

Security Pricing Plans

Save when you get protection for up to a year and have multiple websites

We offer discounts for users who want to protect more than one website. Check our Pricing page or Contact Us to learn more.

Business Plan

$ 15 Monthly
  • Complete Website Protection
  • 1 Free Website cleanup

Agency Plan

$ 25 Monthly
  • Complete Website Protection Suite
  • Unlimited Website cleanups
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Our Happy Customers

Learn what our happy clients are saying about how we’ve helped them sleep better at night by protecting their website and online investments.

What Clients Are Saying

CyberDream Developers Logo
"Digital Pyxi keeps us and our clients safe at a flexible price. This allows us to focus on what we do best: building websites and online marketing for our clients! We never have to worry about breaches or security because we know we are in great hands. Our agency and clients are in good hands thanks to Digital Pyxi!"
Agency Owner
"As the owner of an eCommerce platform, I have to ensure that all my visitors and customers are never in danger of losing their valuable information when they use my site. That would be catastrophic! Digital Pyxi has so far prevented any attacks and hacks on my site and I couldn't be happier with their service!"
Expressive Teez logo
eCommerce Store Owner
Digital Pyxi has been protecting our online brand since day one! We've had no issues with hacks on our site, malware, or users trying to force themselves into illegally accessing our website admin areas. I recommend them!

Pricing Plans

Protecting multiple websites? Ask about our discounts!

We offer discounts for users who want to protect more than one website. Check our Pricing page or Contact Us to learn more.

Business Plan

$ 0
per month

Complete website protection for businesses who need to protect their website, online brand, and visitors from infections and vulnerabilities.

All Website SEcurity Features

You are given access to our full suite website security tools for comprehensive website security and protection.


Agency Plan

$ 0
per month

Complete website protection for agencies and multiple-website owners who need to protect their clients, websites, online brands, and client’s websites from infections and vulnerabilities.

All Website security features

You are given access to our full suite website security tools for comprehensive website security and protection.

unlimited website cleaning

Infected websites on your shared hosting server may infect your Digital Pyxi protected website through Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). We give you unlimited website cleanups

Stay Updated

Security Alerts Delivered To You

Never miss an important update or alert. You don’t have to sit around all day trying to keep updated with all the safest website security practices and critical news. We will let you into our circle and send you the summaries. 

Just tell us where to send important news

Security News

Enter your name and email address to get your important security news blasts

Easy Installation

Digital Pyxi can be added to any website by simply doing a DNS change. It's that easy to get started with Digital Pyxi!

Comprehensive Protection

Website protection is simple when you use Digital Pyxi. Your website will be protected and monitored using machine learning and scheduled scanning to keep your website secure at all times.

Complete Website Security Solution For Your Business