Your Website’s Conversion Mistakes eBook Introduction


Get the first 5 chapters of our eBook ‘Your Website’s Conversion Mistakes: 26 Reasons Why Your Website Is Scaring Away Your Customers’ for free when you take advantage of this offer.

  • Is your web developer worth his paycheck? Find out for yourself!
  • Change this one thing on your website and marketing and watch your business’s sales explode!
  • How to tell if your website is a money-making or money-shredding machine
  • How to tell if your website is designed for profits and growth without a degree or years of experience
  • 26 ways to improve your website and start making money online
  • You need a designer with 30+ years of experience to tell you if your website is a good fit for your business? WRONG! Discover 26 actionable tips and tests to audit and improve your website
  • Say goodbye to high bounce rates, low sales, leads, and conversions
  • Is your website scaring away your visitors and appear loaded with malware and viruses? Find out now PLUS how to fix this problem
  • Additional resources, learning materials, and points of reference


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